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May 21, 2018
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September 6, 2018

Pussy & Mouth Dual-density Squeezable Stroker

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Scientifically designed to mimic real human flesh, Cyberskin is the closest material to human skin. It warms to body temperature with contact and has the elasticity and softness of actual skin. The textured inner tunnel provides explosive results. Features 2 pleasure centers for double the fun. The removable open-ended waterproof sleeve makes for easy cleaning.


Material:Ultra-Realistic Fanta Flesh TPR Sleeve, Body-Safe ABS Plastic Stroker

• Double-sided stroker offers two ways to play!
• Squeezable stroking chamber lets you control the pressure and suction
• Removable ultra-realistic Fanta Flesh sleeve feels great
• Simple to operate, open, and easily cleaned for convenience

Experience the mind-blowing texture of this fantastic toy! Slide into the super-soft and supple Fanta Flesh and enjoy the intense stimulation, lifelike sensations, and EXPLOSIVE orgasms that are sure to follow! The tunnel of this realistic sleeve is lined with canals, ribs, and tiny love nodules that surround and tease your cock with each stroke. Each side offers a new experience and opportunity for ecstasy! The velvety soft Fanta Flesh even warms to your body heat for the most realistic stroking experience available! You’ll love pumping your thick cock in both of this tight strokers holes!

The open ended design makes this stroker as easy to clean as it is to use! Simply flip it inside out and wash thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap!

10 reviews for Pussy & Mouth Dual-density Squeezable Stroker

  1. Catt61

    This is an AMAZING product. The vagina side is great, quite tight, and realistic feeling. However the mouth side is friggin awesome! The teeth on the sides of your johnson feel so completely real.. excellent design, fantastic purchase!

  2. Derek Freeman

    This is an amazing product. I like the feature of a mouth on one end and the vagina on the other. The artificial flesh feels almost too real that you are actually having fun with the real thing. Just make sure you add a water based lube inside the device. If your wife or girlfriend is not in the mood for intimate fun, this gadget will not let you down.

  3. Rikky

    A true work of art! Has teeth and a tongue, amazing feel. If you’re looking for a product like this, look no further!

  4. Mclendon

    My partner just loves it! They say it feels so realistic that it’s incredible!

  5. Luis Flores

    Very good material and overall great experience love it!!!

  6. John

    This was my first experience with such a toy and let me just say that it did the job and quickly!!!!
    I enjoyed both openings equally and the teeth adds extra excitement!
    Use plenty of lube as it is very tight!
    If you are larger, you may want to look for something else, but most average guys will love it as I do!!!
    Can’t wait to use it again!

  7. Timothy

    Excelent product, like a real!!! Necesary for all alone man.

  8. Jacob H.

    This is an Amazing product. It’s become by preferred way to…Yeah…
    It feels so great. The Material is super soft and I like the feel of it. Even when I’m not using it, I like to feel it every now and then. I’ve had it for about a month and it hasn’t decreased in feel (if that makes sense). My favorite side is the mouth.

  9. Thomas L.

    Great toy. When my girlfriend isn’t in the mood this is a good substitute. Make it feel amazing and fairly easy to clean.

  10. L Reyes

    I had a bit problem with the product but the seller was so amazing and so responsive in every way. Thank you!

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