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Massager Handheld

(97 customer reviews)

$99.98 $45.99

⚡️ POWERFUL MASSAGING WAND – The electric massager wand will bring you a strong vibration which concentrates power to your neck, back, lower back, shoulder, feet and legs. If you require a more gentle approach the wand is perfect for this too to help you relax. The warm touch flexible head is made from body safe silicone which will provide instant relief to those aches, pains and sore muscles giving you the ultimate relaxation experience.


? QUIET WITH 20 PATTERNS AND 8 SPEEDS – Relax with the super quiet massager which has 8 speeds and 20 different vibration modes. Whether you want a relaxing massage experience or a deep tissue massage, the electric massager wand will leave you feeling very satisfied and relaxed. Perfect personal massager for women, men and couples.


✈️ PORTABLE WITH A HIGH-SPEED USB CHARGE – Designed to cope with modern day standards, in only 2 hours the powerful battery is fully charged. It also makes it more convenient for you to use when away from home. The discreet design of the hand massager and the perfect fitting pouch makes it great for packing away in your luggage to take on your travels too. Simply charge and enjoy many hours of use wherever you are.

? WATERPROOF – The silicone wand is water resistant, so you can clean the waterproof wand massager easily when needed. We recommend you don’t soak it in water. Wet wipes are the perfect way to keep this wand massager in perfect condition. Nontoxic nonodour super soft silicone skin like feel – a great personal massager for woman, man or any adult.

97 reviews for Massager Handheld

  1. Randi Bee

    Great product for the price, quality vibration and battery life. My boyfriend and I are very happy with our purchase!

  2. Cassie

    I love this thing so much all around great product. 10/10 would recommend.

  3. tori

    I like that it has many vibration settings!

  4. K

    Amazing, if you’re anything like me you won’t be disappointed!!

  5. s23pm

    Good for the money, clean, smooth and perfect for its purpose.

  6. gabby grothen

    I really like this product.! It does everything I need it to

  7. Laura Wiggins


  8. jamien fann

    She came hard??

  9. lyna kayachith

    Nice material and very strong.

  10. Gregory Lawrence Jr

    We both love how excited and enjoyable it is.

  11. david little

    We enjoyed this works perfectly

  12. Lindsey

    Great vibration and definitely water proof

  13. Stephanie

    Other than the difficulty with feeling the bottoms in the dark, NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

  14. Missy Jo

    Absolutely love this product! Multi-use and battery life is lasting forvere.

  15. orlando b.

    Very good for the money.never disappointed.

  16. Kim

    Fantastic the first setting it sometimes to much for me. worth the money

  17. mary l newlin

    Awesome! Awesome!

  18. BGiaquinto

    This is what you’ve been looking for

  19. Allen

    Nice product all around. Price was lower than most and works just as well as the competitors

  20. Heather novak

    Don’t be fooled by the price, this product performs! It takes roughly two hours to charge but lasts for days! Very powerful, will order again when the time comes!

  21. Paula

    Great vibration settings

  22. Farrah Simko

    Love it ? perfect and discreet

  23. beliza

    Small but powerful!!!

  24. grogan

    Definitely has a lot of power… great investment! You will not be disappointed.

  25. C

    Great product for a good price highly recommend

  26. Bonnie

    This is the BEST thing in the world. It is MAGICAL!!!!! I have already told my friends about it.

  27. Kim

    t works great!!

  28. esther freeman

    Nice discreet charge cable texture is nice. Tons of vibration pattern options

  29. Christina Sorn

    I think I’m addicted. Love the vibration strength! Just what I needed 🙂

  30. Roger LaFarlette

    More power and unexpected variations in vibrator patterns and intensities.

  31. Andrew Vanfleet

    I’d recommend this product highly to anyone who could benefit from a massager

  32. Patrick

    Really great, only good vibes from this massager.

  33. BeJeweled

    Actually extremely pleased with this product. Particularly appreciate that it can be recharged with USB standard charger. Because of the size, it’s also very useful for other purposes. I have Fibromyalgia and it’s good to bring feeling to my feet and hands… Will probably get another one.

  34. Anrobe

    Very nice personal massager. Could use another level of vibration but over all extremely satisfying!

  35. Andy A.

    Product works just as you’d hope. Lots of different vibration settings and good size. We felt very comfortable using it. Good battery life too.

  36. Ashley

    Has different power settings that can go ridiculously strong. It goes above and beyond. 10/10 gets the job done

  37. kassie k

    I love the quality and the useage and there’s nothing I didn’t like

  38. Nick pirrone

    By no means am I a sex toy connoisseur but my wife and I have no complaints thus far. We have used it twice and she was very pleased.

  39. Andrew

    I like the different modes and how quiet it is. It definitely helps get the job done lol.

  40. Alex

    It gets the job done.

  41. collin

    Surprisingly powerful, good size, good battery life. Very pleased.

  42. Charlotte

    Works great

  43. truckcabbie

    When she dies or wears out I’ll buy another from the same seller.

  44. Tony Graziano

    Works just the way I thought it would. Can’t complain!

  45. Robert Johnson

    Used it with my partner and she couldn’t stop cumming …….. don’t know what else you need to know

  46. Nate M.

    Great value for your money. Battery didn’t last longer then an hour of continuous use. Vibration is semi strong at top level but is strong for how small it is. Overall very happy with it. Would recommend.

  47. Anna

    It works great. Love the different settings and speeds. Gets the job done!!!

  48. Erin

    This worked well enough that the first time my partner & I used it we got so loud that the dogs attempted to break into the bedroom to “rescue” me.

  49. Kenneth Jensen

    It was very powerful and it got here quick. Good quality I like the material. Buttons not hard to push and in good spots

  50. oincgirl

    Charging is super easy…Handle doesn’t vibrate much (yay!) And it’s just awesome.

  51. Bettyann Klein

    It is nice and light. Easy to handel

  52. Michael

    This Massager is great! So many vibration patterns feel and work great!

  53. Siddy

    Really helped get the kinks out of my muscles, in more ways than one. Just wish the buttons were different color from the cover unless that’s an option and I just didn’t see it.

  54. jeff

    The wife loves it and it works well for her stimulation

  55. mills

    let’s just say I get to have more fun with my wife now.

  56. Ashley C

    In love with this product! The battery life is also good. Charging it is convenient. Now here’s to hoping it lasts awhile!

  57. Todd Paolucci

    It’s awesome device and works smoothly very happy with it..

  58. Brianna

    Great size and grip. Great power selection. I love it.

  59. Cellocutie

    This is a handy little massager that can easily be multipurpose 🙂 many different speeds and vibration patterns that can break down the most stubborn of problem areas 😉

  60. Sarah

    Intense power, doesn’t last the 2hours it’s supposed to, but the recharge feature is lovely so no more batteries.

  61. Julie Sevigny

    Great product for the price!!!

  62. Miya Wright

    Battery life pretty good.

  63. Debi Sen Gupta

    I have just got it yesterday but like the look and feel of it already. The packaging is very smart and I loved the look of the wand. Felt powerful and looks sleek.

  64. doingthemost

    Nice quality product

  65. jeremey

    Wife loves it

  66. Shelley G

    Nice and compact but with strong vibrations on 6 different settings. Exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended.

  67. Cynthia Guge


  68. Ana Dhara

    Charged up and good to go love this little gem.

  69. Sean Russell

    Charges quickly and has a good variety of settings

  70. Siddy

    This is the one you’re looking for.
    If your want it any more powerful than this for a wireless either use a corded wand or a diesel engine

  71. Daniel Weiser

    This product is amazing, the feel of the material is extremely soft, and the different setting options are also incredible.

  72. Cottrell

    Works well. Haven’t had a chance to see the battery life but vibrations level is great

  73. chanel

    Let me start by saying I’m a former pure romance consultant, this is my first buying a adult toy outside of the company i worked for and I’m in awe with this product! I brought it as a surprise for my bf on our trip to Cancun, as well as pleasure for myself while he’s away. Let’s just say even he was amazed. The classy yet discreet casing is a plus, the material is smooth and soft(easy to clean).

  74. Jeepgirl

    This is so worth every penny. Just the right size and strength!

  75. Xathy

    Fantastic product, capable of mild vibration which is a huge plus.

  76. Kate

    As strong as I need and no money wasted on batteries.

  77. Matthew Jones

    Gf restrained on massage table, after a nice massage… this product easily took her to finish!!

  78. Victoria Huberty

    This product is very good. Super strong vibration, the battery life is great. It is small and portable, easy to charge. Down side, the buttons are blended into the handle and can be hard to locate. The head also gets a little warm when in use.

  79. AAREN

    The speeds and the different rhythms are perfect

  80. Sean Russell

    The product delivery was quick and fast and has many variable speeds and vibrations very good on the neck and shoulders I would recommend this product to relieve stress and other things.

  81. Keedy.kat


  82. M Spiller

    Excellent product

  83. Dani

    Surprisingly powerful with impressive battery life. Probably the best you can get for this price

  84. rodney daniels

    the item is great for the money.

  85. Tiffany L.

    Definitely worth it.

  86. gretchen

    Is more powerful than expected have used on shoulders, neck, and legs several times and still haven’t had to recharge.

  87. Ethan T

    It’s very strong so you can use it for back massages etc. and the material is smooth so it’s uncomfortable!

  88. Gracey

    I mean it does the job. I bought the black one. No specific reason. The buttons are hard to find in the dark just cause of the design, i skip right over it every time. I really one use one setting and I love how I can raise the intensity.

    Only annoying thing is the button is kinda tricky to find and I have to go through all the vibration settings if I skipped over the desired one due to no back/forward button.

    It’s a vibrator. I’m pretty sure this is for external use only. That’s all I’ve done with it so that’s all I got.

  89. Shelby

    Seriously loved this product. Such a pleasurable variety on the settings. Would highly recommend

  90. Taylor Parish

    So far this product seems to work great. There are LOTS of options as far as vibration patterns and speeds, and it’s an easy turn off/on. The only thing I wish was different was that when it’s dark it can be hard to see the buttons when the product is off.

  91. Audrey

    Lasts a long time, works great on all settings.

  92. Jesus

    decently powerful, and yet completely portable.

  93. Justice

    This thing is POWERFUL and has a lot of different speeds and vibration modes. It is semi quiet but still kinda loud. Battery life is okay. Always my go to toy!

  94. Cece

    very very good. That is all.

  95. Adriana

    Love it! A bit powerful, but so much fun!

  96. Bresmom

    Purchased for my back, YES my back. Had spinal fusion in July and now dealing with nerve damage. Searching for massagers and they all look like vibrators, go figure. This one was a great price and love that its rechargeable, not replacing batteries. A great find.

  97. Michelle R

    I had a lamenectomy and nerve decompression on my back and this really loosens up the muscles in my lumbar.

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