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September 6, 2018
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September 6, 2018

Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand

(7 customer reviews)


This powerful body wand is perfect for holding against your clit or relaxing sore muscles!

Diameter: 8.5″
Material: Silicone Head, Flexible PVC Neck with ABS Handle
Vibrator Strength: 8 Intense Vibrating and 5 Pulsating Functions!

7 reviews for Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand

  1. Weeden

    Wife gave it a thumbs up!

  2. lucy

    This massager is wonderful. I love the various speeds and settings. The only thing I think could improve it would be if the controls could be felt or seen more easily. They tend to blend into the massager. Still, I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a comfortable but strong massage.

  3. Scott B.

    Okay, bought this knowing that she didn’t care for the cheap corded one we had before. Last night after a round with just us, I pulled this out and started “massaging” her chest. She loved that and encouraged it’s slow migration south. Once in the southern nest, it didn’t take long. She said she had a total of 5 in the last ever lasting convulsions and language that would send a sailor to church. I’ve never seen this particular reaction before. Men, if you’re insecure and could get jealous of a thing that is capable of creating God moments, don’t buy this. If however, you love to see your girl squirm in pure pleasure and cuddle you tightly afterward, BUY THIS. The speed adjustment is a little weird, but honestly, turned up to 11 is the way to go anyway. And I wasn’t given ANYTHING for this review. It’s honest and legitimate.

  4. Bradley

    Are you kidding me? Problems? Yes problems, I have to go to work and leave my massager behind! I LOVE my new TOY/Massager!!!

  5. M

    Glad to have unit that doesn’t have a cumbersome cord. The choices are so many that it is confusing but overall it is an excellent item. Would not hesitate to buy again.

  6. Review101987

    I’m leaving my original review below. The wand stopped charging and would no longer work. That said, I’m changing my review from 3 stars to 5 because this company like others have noted has amazing customer service. When I wrote them to tell them of the issue, they sent out a new working massage wand almost immediately. Very satisfied with my purchase if not completely because of the product, then most certainly because of the company that makes and distributes it.

    Ordered this a little less than two years ago. Absolutely amazing device but it quit working suddenly and without warning. Nothing out of the ordinary— it just won’t charge or work anymore. Disappointed as I had really enjoyed it before it broke down.

  7. S. J. (Arcelia)

    Beautiful service and product! The wand arrived early and was the color I wanted. Packaging was discreet and professional.

    The wand itself is AMAZING. It serves every purpose I bought it for, and is high quality. The only thing I dislike is not knowing which vibration setting on which the wand is currently. There is only a button to change the vibration level. You cannot choose higher or lower, nor is there anything on the wand that shows you which setting it is on.

    This wand has blown my boyfriend and I away from right out of the box. It is something we can enjoy together, or separately — even him solely.

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